Ground Handling Services

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Ground Handling

At Air Space Aviation Services ASAS we understand what does excellent experience really mean, thus we make sure that high standard procedures are in place while ground services are being rendered. Efficiency is the key word in what we do, yet without compromising safety and high quality at the same time.

Passengers are the main interest on private flights. This attention starts with operators until & ends with the ground handling supplier. Therefore, ASAS operates a very proficient attitude for passengers. We start from the moment of welcoming them all the way to customs and immigration formalities, and for sure with no delays. As passengers related services may vary and be diverse, we are providing different types of services to suit with their needs. Those ones are not limited to passengers handling, meet and greet, wheelchair assistance, VIP security arrangement and whatever passenger may require are affordable whenever they are required.

ASAS provides ground handling services for all types of flights,

  • VIP flights.
  • Medical flights.
  • Cargo flights.
  •  Military flights
  •  Diplomatic flights.
  • Humanitarian flights.